Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Hello! This post is a quick update to explain our absence and what we've been doing over the last few weeks. We took an unintentional hiatus as we've both recently got new jobs and this has taken over a little but we'll be back blogging very soon with some exciting posts ahead! Our jobs are both in the same store, which was a happy coincidence, especially when our shifts are at the same time!


L: A few weeks ago got a full time job as a Barista at Costa! As I was a waitress before, I feel like I've taken to this job pretty quickly. The only thing I'm not used to is the volume of hours, my body is not used to full time work yet! I am enjoying my experience so far though, I can make most of the coffees (except a damn flat white, I've been told practise is the only way to crack them so I've been making several a day) and recently got a little promotion! When I'm not working at the moment i'm either sleeping, reading or squeezing in time with the boyfriend, I've read some really addictive books recently though, watch this space for our books of the month post soon! I've also been LOVING the autumnal weather we've been having, so ready for the winter now. October - December always fly by, definitely my favourite time of year!

S: So for just over a month now I have been working at Next. I've been picking up as many hours as I can to save up the money, which has resulted in a lot of 9 o'clock finishes! I'm really enjoying it so far, everyone has been super friendly and the other week a customer praised me to my manager, which was so nice to hear. I've been spending my time off either cuddled up with my cats watching Twin Peaks (ahhh i'm addicted!) or baking an excessive amount of lemon-based treats. I have also been listening to Taylor Swift's new album on an endless loop since it came out the other day and I am LOVING it! My favourite songs at the moment are Blank Space, Out of the Woods and Clean, but to be honest it changes with every listen! The album makes me want to just dance around my room and ignore my responsibilities, which is pretty much all I have been doing.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Recipe: The Flamingo

In an attempt to desperately cling onto summer, we embraced one of the last hot days of the year and made a cocktail to go with it! We realise the vodka is hilariously large, don't worry it's not all going in!

You will need: 
orange juice
two heaped teaspoons of sugar
a good handful of any berries (we used frozen because they're cheap but fresh are good too)
peach schnapps

Firstly, add your berries to a blender

Pour in enough orange juice to cover the berries

Add a little sugar depending on your sweet tooth, we added two teaspoons. Blend together.

Fill a jug with ice then sieve the blended berry mixture into it

This drink is best served extra cold so make sure you have plenty of ice!

Add three shots of vodka to the jug

Then add three shots of peach schnapps

Add around 300ml orange juice

Top up with lemonade then give it a good mix.

And you're done! A perfectly pink cocktail for a lazy summer afternoon.

dress: the whitepepper, socks: topshop, shoes: converse, 

sunglasses: rayban, top: american eagle, belt: primark, skirt: h&m, shoes: dorothy perkins

Let us know if you give this a try! 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

That's what she read: September

We've always been avid readers of pretty much anything and everything and have been sharing and recommending books to each other since we first met. There were many days when we would turn up to school, arms laden with books to exchange, excited to read whatever the other had to offer. We essentially started our own private book club, which has continued for years. We've both really enjoyed our books this month and so we thought we'd share with you what we've been reading!

Read: Room, Emma Donoghue
This book is brilliant, I can't emphasise how much i enjoyed reading it enough and it's definitely not my usual read. It's a story told from the perspective of a five year old boy who is living in a room with his mother. I really don't want to give away more than that as it's best read properly spoiler free! The narration can take a bit of time to get used to but it's definitely worth the effort. It's one of the most tense books I've read, I read it cover to cover in one go, I literally didn't put it down! It's a clever novel made even more harrowing reading from the voice of a child.

To Read: Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

Read: The Secret History, Donna Tartt
This book is narrated by a working-class Classics student who has earned himself a place at an expensive and elitist college. His course consists of only five other students, all of whom are seemingly wealthy and rather obsessed with their subject. The link with Classics in strong throughout the book, with many parallels to Greek tragedy. I love this book as the story opens with a murder, and then looks back to the events beforehand. You're gripped from the start and as you read on, knowing what is coming, the question of  'why' is answered. I have been so impressed with this book, I cannot wait to read Tartt's most recent novel, The Goldfinch.

To Read: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Haruki Murakami


If you've read any of these books, let us know what you thought of them! And please feel free to comment with any recommendations!